HIP Program - Pilot Study

Recruitment now complete!

The HIP Program (Health Improvement after Pregnancy) is an innovative and interactive mobile website based lifestyle modification program for women in the postpartum period. The program will guide and help motivate daily and weekly physical activity, provide nutritional guidance and be a means to log activity, periodic dietary intake and physical goals such as postpartum weight loss.

We are currently recruiting moms to participate in a study that trials the HIP Program.

We want to know…

  1. Does the program help moms return to their pre-pregnancy weight and increase their overall activity level?
  2. Can moms stick to the program and complete most of the suggested activities?
  3. Is the program well designed?
  4. Is the program an effective learning tool?
  5. Is the program enjoyable and challenging?

Who is Eligible to Participate?

  • Own a smart phone or tablet
  • Live in the Kingston area
  • Currently pregnant in your last trimester or delivered within the last month

Study Outline

1 Randomization Visit:

  • May be done at an OB visit or during your hospital stay at delivery
  • Extra time may be needed to orient you to the HIP website

3 Study Visits:

  • At 2, 5, and 8 months postpartum
  • Each visit will take 45 minutes.
  • For the final visit all participants will be asked to do fasting blood work
  • All visits will be done at KGH

This study is a clinical trial. If you enroll you will be randomized in to one of two groups.

1. The HIP Program Group
If you are in this group you will be asked to complete the HIP Program.

2. The Control Group
If you are in this group you will be asked to continue on as you would have if you had not enrolled in the study. You will not be asked to limit your activity. Following completion of the study you will be given access to the HIP program and an exercise kit.

HIP Program Outline

The exercise program consists of:

  • daily step counting
  • guided aerobic activity
  • structured toning workouts
  • daily stretching.

The program is designed to be completed at home with minimal equipment, which will be supplied in the exercise kit.

The nutrition program consists of:

  • video tutorials
  • weekly diet logs

The tutorials cover all aspects of healthy eating, from the basics of Canada’s Food Guide, to smart snacking, to eating healthy over the holidays.

What is Randomization?

Randomization means that your group is chosen at random or by chance. In this study there will a 75% chance that you will end up in the HIP Program Group and a 25% chance that you will end up in the Control Group.


For more information please contact the study coordinator:
Jessica Pudwell
613-549-6666, ext 3937

HIP Sponsors

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