In the news: Fact or Fiction?

Flu season is coming

In Ontario, the flu shot is offered for free at clinics and doctor’s offices to anyone over 6 months of age and is the best way to reduce the risk of severe illness from the flu.

Tub useful for pre-labor but not birth

A new position statement released last week recognizes the benefits of laboring in a tub of warm water to relieve pain and discomfort but does not recommend women give birth in the tub.

Assessing the risks of pain medication in pregnancy

A few weeks ago a study was released claiming a link between the use of Tylenol during pregnancy and ADHD in kids. Every time a new study is released about the dangers of a certain practice during pregnancy women understandably panic that they may have harmed their unborn child or affected their baby’s future health. I would agree with Dr.

Planned C-section no safer than vaginal delivery of twins

The media has recently reported on a Canadian study of twin births that determined a planned cesarean delivery is not necessarily any safer for either mother or child than a planned vaginal delivery.

A New Screening Test: Good News - Only for Ontario Babies

Last month, the province of Ontario celebrated the launch of a new life-saving screening test for newborns. The test is for a disease called Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID), widely known as “Bubble Boy Disease” from the story of David Vetter, a boy with SCID who lived in a plastic, germ-free bubble.