What's Safe, What's Not?

Can I exercise? Will having sex hurt the baby? I just ate a slice of brie, will I miscarry?

Pregnancy is the only time you can completely control your baby’s environment, and there are many things that can cause concern and worry. The urge to protect your baby is a natural part of motherhood - but you shouldn’t spend your entire pregnancy tormenting yourself about things that may harm the baby. This section will help you make informed choices about what’s safe during pregnancy, and what you should avoid.

Exercise in Pregnancy

Exercise in Pregnancy

Exercise can have many beneficial effects
for you and your baby but remember not to overdo it.

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Seat Belts when Pregnant

Seat Belts

Whether you are pregnant or not, you should
always use your seatbelt.

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Healthy food


It’s important to your developing baby to eat a healthy diet.

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