Our goal is to help women who are contemplating pregnancy, are pregnant or are now new mothers, keep up-to-date on the latest medical information; healthy pregnancies lead to healthy children and healthy adults!

This website reviews all the topics we deal with when speaking with patients about their pregnancies. Various areas of the site will continue to expand as new reasearch emerges and articles will be continually updated. Where neccesssary, we have provided external website links that offer reliable resources on pregnancy and women's health. Too often, women will come to clinic with concerns, worries or anxieties about their pregnancy because of something they’ve read on the internet, but because anyone can publish content on the internet, much of what is out there is potentially biased, outdated, or completely wrong. The content contained in the MotHERS Program is written and authorized by experienced Obstetricians and as such is a trusted source of information on maternal health.

As a further service to women, if you sign up and input your due date, we will send you email reminders about your pregnancy. As well, if you input your delivery date, we will send you email reminders about you and your baby’s health; information on what kinds of things to expect, what topics your health care provider will discuss and what tests will be ordered based on your gestational age will be sent to you. Links back to our website and other useful sites will also be included.

We will periodically post Podcasts on various health issues. Planned Podcasts include Pregnancy and Future Health, Teen Pregnancy, Urinary Incontinence and Kegel Exercises and Exercise in Pregnancy. If you have suggestions for other Podcast topics please contact us.

You can also stay connected through our Facebook page and on Twitter (@mothersprogram).

The email address that you use to register with The MotHERS Program website is not sold or disclosed to any third parties.

Mission Statement

The MotHERS Program is dedicated to improving mother’s health through education, research and screening.

Vision Statement

Within the next five years, The MotHERS Program will be the recognized champion of Mother’s Health. It will be the leading source of reliable online information for mother’s and mother’s-to-be, the national site for up-to-date Obstetrical research information and will be involved with developing national guidelines and recommendations to improve mother’s, and thus the family’s, health.


Improving mothers’ health benefits the whole family.