September 2011

In the news: Fact or Fiction?

Risks of delaying motherhood

Two separate articles from the Globe and Mail this month deal with the same issue: delaying motherhood.

In the news: Fact or Fiction?

Home vs Hospital

“Are home births safe?” This is the headline to the article in the August 26 issue of Maclean's magazine reviewing the debate over home birth versus hospital. This is a highly contentious issue as evidenced by the number of comments the Maclean's website has attracted since publication.

In the news: Fact or Fiction?

Improper swaddling can damage baby's hips

According to an article that was published in the Globe & Mail on September 8th, improper swaddling may be damaging to a baby's hips.

In the news: Fact or Fiction?

Recent drug study causes miscarriage anxiety

A research study recently published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal - and picked up by numerous news outlets, including


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