Monitor your health and the health of your pregnancy with regular clinic visits.

Clinic Visits

At each clinic visit, your weight and blood pressure will be checked. We then measure the size of your uterus (symphasis-fundal height or SFH) to get an estimate of baby’s growth; at 12 weeks the top of the uterus is at your pubic bone, at 16 weeks it’s half way to your belly button, at 20 weeks it’s at your belly button. After 20 weeks we actually use a measuring tape and the size in centimeters is roughly equivalent to your gestational age (eg. Approximately 20 cm at 20 weeks, 28 cm at 28 weeks, 34 cm at 34 weeks).

Depending on your gestational age there may be specific things to discuss, such as prenatal screening prior to 12 weeks, or the need for WinRho if your blood type is RH- at 28 weeks. There will also be certain things that need to be arranged, for example: blood tests, a glucose screen for gestational diabetes and the anatomy ultrasound, performed between 18-22 weeks but booked a month in advance.

As your pregnancy progresses in the second and third trimesters, we will also ask about the baby's daily movements. We will want to know whether you’ve had any bleeding, leaking of fluid from the vagina and any uterine activity. We will also ask if you have any specific questions or concerns. People often forget, so make sure you write your questions down and pull out your list!