Routine immunizations are recommended for all children.


Routine immunizations begin at 2 months of age and continue throughout your baby's life. The majority of immunizations are given prior to 5 years of age and will protect your child against 13 vaccine preventable diseases. When your child is immunized their body will build up a defence that helps to fight the infection, these defences are called antibodies. Without these antibodies, if your child is exposed to the viruses or bacteria there is a chance that they may become very sick or even die.

Your baby will receive their immunizations at your health care provider's office or at the Public Health Unit. You will be given a yellow immunization record and it is important to keep this up to date and in a safe place. Your Immunization Record will be required for school, daycare or to attend camp. It may also be required if you are travelling out of the country.

Keep up to date on your child's immunization schedule.

Download the Ontario immunization schedule.