Attend a prenatal class, write a birth plan and plan your route to the hospital.

Preparing for Labour

The last few months before your due date is the ideal time to prepare for the change a baby will bring to your life. Make sure you have a bag packed that is easily accessible with a change of clothes, a nursing bra and an outfit for the baby. Book a tour of the maternity ward. Plan your route to the hospital and learn any detours in case you go in to labour during rush hour! This section covers prenatal classes and birth plans, both of which are useful ways to prepare for a safe labour and delivery.

In This Section

Birth Plans

The most important benefit of writing a birth plan is that it forces you to think about labour and delivery and helps you prepare for what may happen.

Prenatal Classes

The goal of prenatal or childbirth classes is to help expectant parents learn about and prepare for labour, delivery and early parenthood.