Keep baby's nails short

Cutting finger and toe nails

It is important to keep your baby’s nails short so that they don’t cut themselves. Fingernails grow very quickly and may need to be cut up to twice a week. Toenails grow slower and can be left longer than the fingernails. They sometimes appear to be ingrown, this is normal, just let them grow and they will be fine.

Use an emery board or small nail clippers or scissors to trim nails. It is easiest to trim when the baby is asleep or after a bath. To avoid cutting the flesh at the tip of the fingernail hold firmly with your finger to press the finger pad away from the nail. You may wish to use your teeth to do the first nail trim as sometimes the skin grows up and under the nails slightly. Don’t panic if you snip the skin slightly, it happens! Apply pressure and the bleeding will quickly stop.