Can I exercise? Will having sex hurt the baby? I just ate a slice of brie, will I miscarry?

What’s Safe, What’s Not

Pregnancy is the only time you can completely control your baby’s environment, and there are many things that can cause concern and worry. The urge to protect your baby is a natural part of motherhood - but you shouldn’t spend your entire pregnancy tormenting yourself about things that may harm the baby. This section will help you make informed choices about what’s safe during pregnancy, and what you should avoid.

In This Section

Air Travel

Air travel can be safe for pregnant women with low-risk, singleton pregnancies. You may want to take the opportunity to travel when you’re pregnant because the demands of motherhood could delay any longer trips for quite a while!


There is no safe level of alcohol that can be consumed during pregnancy without risking the health of the unborn baby. It is recommended that pregnant women abstain from drinking.


Pregnancy can be fraught with worry, and there is nothing that causes more concern than the effects of drug use.


Exercise can have many beneficial effects for you and your baby but remember not to overdo it. While your body is in training for the marathon of parenthood – you are not in training for a marathon. The goal is simply to maintain – or achieve – some sort of physical or cardiovascular fitness.

Flu Shot

The flu shot is safe during pregnancy and a recomended way to keep both you and your baby safe from the effects of the flu.


Pregnancy can sometimes cause odd cravings (pickles and ice cream?) or an insatiable appetite. And while it’s important to your developing baby to eat a healthy diet, there may be some foods you enjoyed before you got pregnant that you should avoid for now.


When it comes to marijuana in pregnancy the bottom line is: don’t do it. As marijuana products are becoming increasingly legal around the world, we are learning more and more about the potentially harmful and long-term effects on the growing baby.  


Sex is what got you pregnant, so there is no reason to believe that sex cannot be enjoyed during pregnancy as well. The fetus is well protected by the amniotic fluid in the womb and the woman’s cervix, so intercourse will not harm the baby.


One of the healthiest things you can do for yourself and your baby is to stop smoking. Smoking has been linked to a decrease in fertility so it is important to try and quit before you try to conceive.


For most women, it is completely safe to keep working, though changes may be required as your pregnancy develops.