Who will monitor your pregnancy and deliver your baby?

Managing your Care

Many women, especially if they enjoy good health, may only see their doctor infrequently. Once you are pregnant you may have questions about how to navigate the health care system as you and your baby will be monitored on a regular basis for the next 40 weeks.

In Canada we are privileged to have excellent maternal care funded by the government. Each province has different protocols, but generally, these are your options:

Once you determine you are pregnant, visit your family physician. Not all family physicians do deliveries; after 28 weeks, your doctor will transfer your care to either a family doctor who does do deliveries, or to an obstetrician. If your pregnancy is deemed high risk (perhaps from a medical condition), or you have complications early in your pregnancy, your family physician will refer you to a high-risk obstetrician who will manage your care.

Some women opt for a midwife to manage their pregnancy. Midwifery is currently regulated and funded in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. Midwives manage low-risk, normal pregnancies. If you develop complications during your pregnancy or at any time during your delivery, your care may be transferred to an obstetrician.

Please see our page on prenatal tests for more information on testing and immunizations offered in each trimester of your pregnancy. 

Visit our resources page for more information and contacts for regions across Canada.