Postpartum Health Record

For Mothers

Calculate your lifetime risk for heart disease and stroke (the leading cause of death in women) based on your pregnancy outcome. Download the Postpartum Health Record [PDF] card and discuss with your health care provider at your first postpartum visit.

The Postpartum Health Record is a tool to help you and your health care provider monitor weight, blood pressure and activity level changes for one year following delivery and provides recommendations regarding blood work and screening tests that may be completed. It is designed to follow your baby’s immunization schedule; ideally you can check in with your health care provider about your health at the same visit. Store the two records together for an easy reminder!

Our hope is that the information addressed in the Postpartum Health Record will encourage you, your family and your health care provider to think about, discuss and work towards healthy lifestyle choices that reduce your risk of heart disease. We hope that you will use this tool to assist you in setting and achieving healthy lifestyle goals.

For assistance filling out any section of the health record and/or definitions of terms used in the Postpartum Health Record card please read the following sections below.

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In This Section

Physical Activity

Physical activity is very important to your overall health; it includes all types of movement and exercise from low to high intensities.

Weight History & Goal Setting

Weight alone is not the best measure of overall health; however during your first year after delivery it is important to work towards losing the weight you gained during pregnancy.

Six Month Blood Work

These measurements and tests will help your doctor to assess your overall health and counsel you on healthy lifestyle choices.