The Postpartum Maternal Health Clinic Handbook© is a clinician's guide to clinic development, patient recruitment and knowledge translation. Improve cardiovascular disease prevention and awareness and identify patients at risk.

The Postpartum Maternal Health Clinic Handbook©

The new and unique approach to screening for cardiovascular risk (CVR) factors that is used in the Postpartum Maternal Health Clinic focuses on early identification and primary prevention for cardiovascular disease. This strategy provides physicians with a way to improve cardiovascular disease awareness and prevention, and addresses the need to reduce care inequities for women in general and younger women in particular.

The Handbook [PDF: 57pages, 3.4Mb] outlines the steps taken in introducing the Maternal Health Clinic at Kingston General Hospital and provides guidance on how a similar clinic may be set up in other centers. Furthermore, it provides information on the day-to-day management of the clinic; including the documents used and the protocol followed. Details of the clinic at Kingston General Hospital are provided along with ways in which the Postpartum Maternal Health Clinic framework may be adapted to fit your clinical practice and patient population.