This software was developed by our colleagues, Marius and Erica Pienaar, in Prince Rupert, BC. They launched their own clinic in October 2015. Both the Prince Rupert, BC and Kingston, ON clinics have been using it since early 2016. We are forever grateful to Erica for her expertise in developing this software!

This software is for support of a postpartum health clinic. It allows you to manage your clinic and evaluate a patient’s future cardiovascular risk based on her recent pregnancy risk factors. This program is made available for your use free of charge.


What is the software?

This Excel based program uses Microsoft Access as database, and we run it on Microsoft Office Professional 2013 on a Windows 10 computer.

The password for both the program and the database is ‘clinic’.

All forms and letters are customized for Prince Rupert – try the program out as such.  If you plan to start using it, then you will have to change the forms in the ‘FORMS’ folder to your liking.


What does this software do?  

1) It ‘runs’ the post-partum clinic where flagged patients are seen 6 months post-partum.  It keeps track of where each patient is in the process and what needs to be done to complete their evaluation.

2) It does a 30 Framingham and lifetime CVD risk calculation, as well as identifying patients with metabolic syndrome.

3) It generates reports for the patient and their primary care provider regarding their risk.  It also generates lab forms, reminders and prints envelopes.

4) Basic statistical analysis of patients in the database.


What support is available?

It is a volunteer program, and although we are prepared to offer some basic software support (on a volunteer/free basis) and try and troubleshoot issues or glitches you might run into, we are unable to provide substantial support.  A basic working knowledge of Microsoft programs is essential to set this up.


First Steps to Using the Software 

Click HERE to access the Dropbox Folder with all software and forms available for download.

  • Download the whole folder including subfolders to your computer.   
  • Ensure that macros are enabled in EXCEL.  
  • Launch the program from MaternalHealthClinc.xlsm


Other Information

There is a separate PDF HELP FILE that goes into much more detail on using the software.

The patient database is empty as presented, and you will need to have Microsoft Access for the program to create your own database.

You will also find a summary of their experience after 2 years in Prince Rupert (North Coast maternal Health Clinic Final Report).


A note from Marius and Erica

"It might all sound a bit daunting, and it certainly requires some basic computer skills.  But in the end, this clinic was quite easy to run, with very low expenses (basically one secretary doing work for a few hours a month in our small town, and a physician meeting with the patient).  The patient feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive."

Marius and Erica Pienaar
Prince Rupert, British Columbia