The Vaping in Pregnancy Research Study is a national study being conducted by the Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health (CEWH) in partnership with the SOGC.

The study is interested in learning about women’s experiences of vaping cannabis and nicotine during pregnancy and postpartum. CEWH is hoping to understand women patterns of use, reasons for vaping, context of use, and knowledge of health effects, benefits and harms. The study is recruiting women who vape(d) cannabis and/or nicotine during pregnancy and postpartum for an online survey and an optional virtual interview. 

Vaping in Pregnancy Study

Participation is on a voluntary basis. The survey is anonymous. Respondents will not be asked to disclose any personally identifying information, nor will any personally identifying information be reported on if participants agree to participate in the virtual interview.

Here is the direct link to participate in the survey.

The information from this study will be used inform:
• the creation of informational materials for pregnant and postpartum women who vape
• guidance for service providers to support conversations with women, and
• resource materials for interested healthcare practitioners, and health system planners. 

This study has received financial assistance from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.