Wear Red Canada

This February 13th, WEAR RED CANADA!

Wear Red Canada is celebrated annually across Canada on February 13th to raise awareness about women’s heart health. Events are held online and across the country to serve as a reminder for all Canadians, but especially Canadian women, to be min

Lyme Disease

Learn about how to prevent lyme disease from the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada! Follow the link below to watch the video.

We Need Your Input!

We are seeking input from women who’ve had preeclampsia and have subsequently been found to have risk factors for heart disease or had a heart attack. What should we be doing differently to get the information out to people like you and your health care providers? 

Bell Let's Talk Day

January 30th is Bell Let's Talk Day. 1 in 5 women will experience Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders but may be too afraid to ask for help. Let’s change that. Check in, follow-up, offer help.

Wear Red Canada

On February 13th , Wear Red to raise awareness about women’s heart health in Canada. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women worldwide and it affects women of all ages. That means 1 in 3 women will die as a result of heart disease or stroke.

National Breastfeeding Week October 1st-7th

Young mothers continue to report feeling stigmatized and discriminated against when breastfeeding in public. This week, and every week, we encourage you to help normalize breastfeeding. Put babies and moms first by supporting breastfeeding anytime, anywhere.