Changes to Quebec's IVF Laws

The laws surrounding IVF in Quebec have come under scrutiny recently as changes that would greatly reduce the availability and coverage of treatments have been proposed.

Skin-to-Skin after C-Section Delivery

There are numerous benefits of skin-to-skin contact between mom and baby. Baby's temperature, heart rate and breathing are more stable. Baby's skin can be colonized by the same bacteria as mom, thought to be important in the prevention of allergies.

IUD use in Young Women - Safe, Effective & Well Tolerated

An article in the Globe and Mail this week presented the results of a recent US study on IUD and IUS use among young women who have never had children. This study found that college age women who choose the IUD or IUS for contraception are very satisfied with them more than a year later.

Be Sweet to Babies

The CHEO “Be Sweet to Babies” research team and the University of Ottawa’s School of Nursing have released a NEW video showing parents how they can reduce their infant’s pain during newborn screening and other blood tests.