HIP Exercise Program

The Health Improvement after Pregnancy (HIP) Program was developed by the MotHERS ProgramTM to help mothers make healthy lifestyle changes. Our program focuses on exercises tailored to new moms and healthy eating through smart food choices. We do not believe in overnight weight-loss solutions or yo-yo dieting. Our goal is a healthier and happier life for you and your whole family.

The HIP Program is an innovative and interactive mobile website based lifestyle modification program for women in the postpartum period. The program will guide and help motivate daily and weekly physical activity, provide nutritional guidance and be a means to log activity, periodic dietary intake and physical goals such as postpartum weight loss.

HIP Program Outline

The exercise program consists of:

  • daily step counting
  • guided aerobic activity
  • structured toning workouts
  • daily stretching

The program is designed to be completed at home with minimal equipment. Recommended equipment includes an exercise mat, an exercise ball, a resistance band and a set of light weights.

The nutrition program consists of:

  • video tutorials
  • weekly diet logs

The tutorials cover all aspects of healthy eating, from the basics of Canada’s Food Guide, to smart snacking, to eating healthy over the holidays.

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Registration is required as the program is delivered through secure site and program information and reminders are emailed directly to you. Any data entered in the program is only used for the purposes of program delivery. Your personal information and data will never be used, shared, or sold to a third party.