The following is a list of resources you may find useful if you are planning on having a baby in North Bay, Parry Sound, and Nipissing.

Pregnancy Care

West Parry Sound Health Centre
6 Albert Street, Parry Sound, ON, P2A 3A4

North Bay Regional Health Centre
50 College Drive, North Bay, ON, P1B 8G5

Birthcare Midwifery

Hospital privileges at North Bay Regional Health Centre

Powassan Site:
488 Main Street, Powassan, ON, P0H 1Z0

North Bay Site:
480 Fisher Street, North Bay, ON, P1B 9M9

Midwives of North Bay

222 McIntyre Street West, Suite 508, North Bay, ON, P1B 2Y8
Hospital privileges at North Bay Regional Health Centre

Prenatal Resources

North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit

Registered Nurses are available from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. They can provide information about health issues and community services.

Prenatal Clinic - North Bay Regional Health Centre

Clinic Information 705-474-8600, ext. 4937

This pre-admission process is designed to streamline the admission process for all pregnant women planning to give birth at the North Bay Regional Health Centre. The appointment is advised/arranged by the Physician's/Midwife's office or by the client herself and should be completed during the 28th week of pregnancy. At this clinic, you will meet with a Registered Nurse. She will ask you questions to help plan your care. You will also learn about services that might be helpful during pregnancy and after your baby is born. Please call to book an appointment.

Pre-admission Elective Caesarian Section Clinic - North Bay Regional Health Centre

Clinic Information 705-474-8600, ext. 4937

This clinic is intended for women who are having an elective caesarian section at North Bay Regional Health Centre. The appointment takes only 45 minutes and includes pre-operative blood work and education. The appointment will be arranged through your physician or midwife.

Prenatal Classes - North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit

Class Information 1-800-563-2808 ext. 5285

Prenatal class series is focused on the health of you, your baby, and your family. You can connect with other expectant families in our relaxed and interactive class setting. Feel free to bring along your partner and/or support person.  Follow the link above for more information about classes in your area. Please call to register for classes in your area.

Healthy Babies, Healthy Children - North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit

Program Information 1-800-563-2808

The Healthy Babies, Healthy Children Program provides support to pregnant women and their families through home visiting by Public Health Nurses and trained Family Home Visitors. When applicable, families will be linked to other services in the community. This program is available to pregnant women and women in the postpartum period with children up to 6 years of age. This program is voluntary and can begin or end at anytime you choose. Please call for more information.

Metis Nation of Ontario Healthy Babies, Healthy Children

Program Information

Contact: Jason Jamieson 705-474-2767 Ext. 308

The MNO Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program, funded by the provincial government is a prevention/intervention strategy for families with children aged 0-6. It includes preparation for parenting, prenatal and postnatal care. The goal is to assist all Aboriginal families in providing an environment for the healthy development of children through home visits, service coordination and referrals. The program, which provides support for children at risk, is voluntary and open to any Aboriginal family who requests the service.

Aboriginal Programs and Services

Many centres throughout the region offer Aboriginal specific programming. Programs cover topics such as prenatal nutrition, prenatal education, infant develeopment, and pre/post natal exercise. Contact the organization in your area for more information on programs offered.

North Bay Indian Friendship Centre

Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation

Nipissing First Nation

Postpartum Resources

Maternal Newborn Clinic - North Bay Regional Health Centre

Clinic Information 705-474-8600, ext. 4087

Once mother and baby are ready for discharge from the hospital, they are given a follow-up appointment at the Maternal Newborn Clinic. This appointment will occur within 72 hours of discharge from the hospital. Postpartum adjustment support and education as well as infant feeding and assessment are some of the services offered at the clinic. Linkages with community partners and support services, as the patients needs indicate, can be initiated at this visit.

Breastfeeding Support Program - North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit

Program Information, 1-800-563-2808 ext. 5351

North Bay and surrounding areas: 705-474-1400 ext. 5351

Parry Sound: 705-746-5801

For breastfeeding support after hours call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000 (TTY 1-866-797-0007)

Public health nurses offer breastfeeding support by telephone and provide one-on-one help through breastfeeding clinics. To speak with a public health nurse, or to make an appointment at a breastfeeding clinic near you, please email or call. 

Breastfeeding Peer Support Facebook Group - North Bay Parry Sound

Laugh, Latch and Learn North Bay

This group has been created as a virtual support for the breastfeeding community in North Bay. This is a closed group, and members must request to join. Aiming to empower, celebrate, share the joy, and talk about the challenges of breastfeeding in a non threatening, non-judgmental community.

EarlyON Child and Family Centres

Search for a Centre Near You

EarlyON Centres are a place for children up to the age of six and their parents and caregivers to take part in programs and activities together. They bring together in one location information about children's services and programs in the community. If you have questions about your child's development, or want to know how to get information or services for your child aged 0-6 in your area contact your local centre.

Additional Resources

Smoke Free Resources - North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit

Smoke Free Information 705-474-1400 or 1-800-563-2808

The North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit offers educational materials and links to community resources for pregnant and postpartum women wanting to quit smoking. Please call for more information.

Walking Trails - Ontario Trails Council

Trails Booklet [PDF]

The Ontario Trails Council has created a comprehensive trail resource for Northern Ontario. Follow the link above for information on trails in your area.

Mental Health Helpline


The Mental Health Helpline provides information about mental health services in Ontario. The service is live answer 24/7, confidential and free.

Parry Sound and Area Crisis Line


This 24 hour crisis line is available to anyone in the Parry Sound area.