The following is a list of resources that you may find useful if you are planning on having a baby in York Region.

Pregnancy Care

Markham-Stouffville Hospital - Markham Site
Labour and Delivery: 905-472-7366
381 Church Street, Markham, ON, L3P 7P3

Southlake Region Health Centre
Labour and Delivery: 905-895-4521, ext 2225
596 Davis Drive, Newmarket, ON, L3Y 2P9

Mackenzie Health
Family Birthing Centre: 905-883-1212, ext 2125
10 Trench Street, Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 4Z3

Uxbridge Community Midwives
2 Campbell Drive, Suite 207, Uxbridge, ON, L9P 1H6
Staff privileges at Markham-Stouffville Hospital

Durham and Markham Midwives

Durham site:
130 Old Kingston Road, Ajax, ON

Markham site:
6633 Hwy 7 E., Unit 107, Markham, ON

Midwives of York Region
14845 Yonge Street, Suite 302, Aurora, ON, L4G 6H8
Staff privileges at Southlake Region Health Centre

Family Care Midwives
9983 Keele Street, Suite 102, Vaughan, ON L6A 3Y5

Prenatal Tours

Markham-Stouffville Hospital - Markham Site

To book a tour call: 905-472-7374
Tours are offered every Monday and Wednesday eveneing at 7:30pm, except on holidays.

Southlake Regional Health Centre

To book a tour call: 905-895-4521, ext 2665
These 90 minute tours, conducted by highly-trained nursing staff, include a complete tour of the Birthing Unit and birthing suites, and provide basic education on the care you can expect to receive at Southlake. Tours cost $10.00 per person or $15.00 per couple. Payment must be received in order to secure your registration. Payment is accepted by cash, cheque, or credit card.

Mackenzie Health

To register email:
Prenatal Tours offer excellent education and orientation before you arrive to deliver your baby. These 45 min-1 hour tours include a complete tour of the Birthing Unit and birthing suites, the postpartum unit and rooms, provide basic overview on the care you can expect to receive at Mackenzie Health, and important information to prepare you to be comfortable during your birthing experience. The fee for the Prenatal Tour is $10 per person or $15 for a couple.

Prenatal Resources

York Region Health Connection Line

1-800-361-5653 or 1-866-252-9933

A line staffed by public health nurses who can provide information about health issues and community services.

Prenatal Classes - York Region Health Unit

Class Information 1-800-361-5653

Prenatal education is an effective way for expectant parents to prepare for childbirth and the care of newborns. York Region offers classes designed to support pregnant women and their partner to have a healthy pregnancy, a healthy birth experience and a healthy baby. We encourage you to register and attend prenatal classes early to fully benefit from the information. Call the York Region Health Connection Line to register.

ABC - All Babies Count 

Program Information

ABC is a FREE weekly prenatal nutrition program funded by the Public Heath Agency of Canada for women who need extra support during their pregnancy! The ABC Programs serve prenatal women living in York Region. Programs are offered in Newmarket, Keswick, Richmond Hill and Markham.

A Baby's Coming, Prenatal Education - Southlake Regional Health Centre

Class Information 905-895-4521, ext 2724

Classes are taught by a highly experienced team specializing in pregnancy, birth, and newborn care. Each class is designed to assist expectant parents make informed choices both during and after pregnancy. Each course consists of four classes. Evening and weekend classes are offered. Woman are asked to register early (preferable by 20 weeks of pregnancy). Call for more information and to register.

Pre and Post-natal Education - Mackenzie Health

Class Information

Mackenzie Health promotes prenatal education as the most effective way for women to prepare for their childbirth experience and to gain information on how best to care for themselves and their babies following birth. Classes are taught by a highly experienced team of nurses specializing in pregnancy, birth, and newborn care. Each class is designed to assist expectant parents make informed choices both during and after pregnancy. Please email or check out their website for more information and to register.

Breastfeeding Support- Markham Stouffville Hospital Breastfeeding Clinic

Clinic Information 905-472-7351

If you intend to breastfeed, we encourage you and your partner to attend a pre-birth breastfeeding class. In collaboration with Markham Prenatal, this class is led by a lactation consultant from Markham Stouffville Hospital. It offers detailed information about breastfeeding. Women who take this class report improved success and less frustration when they begin breastfeeding. This is a free service and you can register by visiting the link.

There is also a breastfeeding clinic available postpartum. This clinic provides group support while you are breastfeeding, up to six weeks after delivery. Breastfeeding classes post-delivery are led by a lactation consultant. You can make an appointment before you are discharged from the hospital or at any time up to six weeks after delivery. Visit link to register.

Prenatal Plus Pregnancy and Parenting Centre 905-830-1709

This centre offers a variety of free and paid workshops throughout the year. Workshops and classes cover topics such as; prenatal classes, breastfeeding, yoga, baby sign, mom&baby classes, infant massage, and pre/postnatal exercise classes. Call for more information and to register.

Postpartum Resources

Healthy Babies, Healthy Children - York Region Health Unit


The Healthy Babies, Healthy Children Program is a confidential and voluntary home visiting origram for families who are pregnant or have children up to age six. Through this program a Public Health Nurse can link you to broad range of programs and services. For more information and to book a home visit call the Health Connection Line.

Breastfeeding Clinic - York Region Health Unit

Clinic Information 1-800-361-5653

Services are provided by Public Health Nurses from the York Region Community and Health Services Breastfeeding Program. Some of the Public Health Nurses are also International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. Clinics run in various locations throughout York Region (Georgina, Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan) on weekdays. Morning and afternoon appointments are available. The clinic is offered free of cost, however appointments are needed. Call the Health Connection Line for more information and to book an appointment.

Parenting Programs and Support Groups - York Region Health Unit

Program Information 1-800-361-5653

York Region Community and Health Services Department offers workshops at various locations in York Region.
Workshops are facilitated by Public Health Nurses for parents and caregivers who have children birth to one year of age. Topics include; attachment parenting, growth&development, infant sleep, positive discipline, parenting myths and more. For more information about programs and support groups in your area call the Health Connection Line.

All Our Kids Programs

Program Information [PDF]

All Our Kids programs welcome parents, grandparents, home child care providers, pregnant and parenting teens and their young children (birth to 6 years). These neighbourhood programs offer a chance to meet other parents and caregivers, let your kids play with other kids, take workshops, share stories, borrow child development and parenting resource materials, or just play with your kids and have a lot of fun! For more program information and times of operation, please contact the site you are interested in attending.

EarlyON Child and Family Centres

Search for a Centre Near You

EarlyON Centres are a place for children up to the age of six and their parents and caregivers to take part in programs and activities together. They bring together in one location information about children's services and programs in the community. If you have questions about your child's development, or want to know how to get information or services for your child aged 0-6 in your area contact your local centre.

Mommy Connections - Newmarket & Aurora

Mommy Connections introduces you to programs and services available within your community. Our classes provide a unique learning opportunity as well as a fun way to bond with your child and other moms in a social environment.

Each week’s 90 minute class offers a topic that is important to a new mom as well as something for moms to do with babies. This allows for a unique bonding opportunity with your little one while still fulfilling your need to obtain information and be social with other moms experiencing the same challenges, fears and excitement.