The following is a list of resources that you may find useful if you are planning on having a baby in Peterborough County.

Pregnancy Care

Peterborough Regional Health Centre
Labour and Delivery: 705-743-2121, ext 5059

Kawartha Community Midwives
295 Stewart Street, Peterborough, ON, K9J 3N2
Staff privileges at Peterborough Regional Health Centre

Prenatal Tours of Labour and Delivery

Peterborough Regional Health Centre

To book a tour call: 705-876-5017

Prenatal Programs and Classes

Prenatal Classes - Peterborough Public Health

Prenatal Class Information 705-743-1000, ext 254 or 282

This series of five, two-hour classes, will prepare you for the challenges of birth, caring for your baby, and becoming a parent. You'll gain confidence as you explore up-to-date information, practice new skills, share thoughts and ideas, and connect with other expecting moms and dads. Classes are led by Public Health Nurses. To reserve your place in classes that start in the third trimester, please register as soon as you know you are going to have a baby. $50.00 Subsidies are available. Call the Health Unit for class times, locations, and to register.

Breastfeeding Support


Public Health Nurses are available to provide support and information, and to answer any questions you may have about feeding your growing child. To speak to a Public Health Nurse call the Family HEALTHline at 705-743-1000..

Babies First - Prenatal Nutrition Program

Program Information 705-748-9144

Babies First is a prenatal nutrition program that women can enter in their first or second trimester of pregnancy. The Program is focused on helping women achieve healthy births. Women can receive information and support from the Coordinator, Nutritionist, Nurse, Lactation Consultant, Addictions Counselor, Early Childhood Educator, and a Resource Librarian. Call the Peterborough Family Resource Centre for class times, locations, and to register.

Peterborough Public Health

Website 705-743-1000

The health unit maintains current listings for labour support/doulas, private prenatal classes, prenatal care physicans, exercise programs and many more. If you have any questions regarding services offered in your area call the Health Unit.

The Conscious Body - Massage Therapy & Wellness Center 905-493-6100
103 Mary Street W. 2nd & 3rd Floor Whitby, ON

Offering prenatal and postpartum massage therapy, childbirth classes, doula services, placenta encapsulation, birth pool rentals and monthly positive birth and parenting groups. Services offered in York Region, Durham Region, Northumberland and Peterborough.

Glow Maternity Studio

The Glow Maternity Studio in Peterborough offers classes and workshops for expectant and new parents. Services offered include prenatal classes, prenatal massage, comfort technique for labour workshops, prenatal and mom & baby yoga, and sign language classes for babies and toddlers. Follow the link above for more information.

Postpartum Programs and Classes

Healthy Babies, Healthy Children

Program Information 705-743-1000

Healthy Babies, Healthy Children is a free program for pregnant women and families with children up to six years old. Before baby is born we can help you and your partner get ready for your new baby. After baby is born a Public Health Nurse will call you to see how you and your baby are doing and answer your questions.They may also offer a home visit to provide health information and link your family to programs and services.

Steps and Stages

Program Information 705-748-9144

Steps and Stages is a postnatal support program for parents and their children aged birth to 18 months. Staffed by a Community Health Nurse and Early Childhood Educators, this program focuses on attachment and healthy child development.Referral is required. For information on how to obtain a referral or make a self referral please contact Peterborough Family Resource Centre.

The Well Baby and Breastfeeding Clinic

Program Information 705-748-9144

The Well Baby and Breastfeeding Clinic is a service available to parents of children birth to two years of age. Parents can meet one on one with a Community Health Nurse or Lactation Consultant and receive support and information on a variety of topics. No registration required – just drop in! For more information contact the Peterborough Family Resource Centre.

You and Your Baby

Program Information 705-748-9144

You & Your Baby is a six-week course for parents and child care providers of babies 1 to 8 months. This group includes a period of information giving and a time for sharing concerns about the experience of caring for babies. Participants attend with their babies. Call the Peterborough Family Resource Centre for class times, locations, and to register.

The Gentle Art of Infant Massage

Program Information 705-748-9144

The Gentle Art of Infant Massage is a four-session course, developed by the International Association of Infant Massage® will give you the tools and information you need to communicate with your baby through loving touch. Please bring a waterproof mat or pad, a soft blanket or towel, and your baby! Oil and handouts will be provided. This program is designed for infants between 1 and 8 months. Call the Peterborough Family Resource Centre for class times, locations, and to register.

Feeding Your Baby

Program Information 705-748-9144

Do you have questions about when and how to start your baby on solid foods? Would you like to learn how to make your own baby food? Join us for the Feeding Your Baby program and have all your questions answered by a Public Health Nutritionist. Call the Peterborough Family Resource Centre for class times, locations, and to register.

EarlyON Child and Family Centres

Search for a Centre Near You

EarlyON Centres are a place for children up to the age of six and their parents and caregivers to take part in programs and activities together. They bring together in one location information about children's services and programs in the community. If you have questions about your child's development, or want to know how to get information or services for your child aged 0-6 in your area contact your local centre.

Additional Resources

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy - Holistic Heath Physiotherapy

Holistic Health Physiotherapy 705-243-4923

By combining pelvic floor and orthopaedic physiotherapy techniques, the focus is to prevent and resolve pelvic floor conditions as well as general aches and pains that are common for women, particularly while preparing for pregnancy, during pregnancy and postpartum. The conditions that a pelvic health physiotherapist often treat and help prevent include: incontinence (leaking when you cough, laugh, exercise or don’t make it to the washroom), diastasis (ab separation), urinary frequency & urinary urgency, pelvic organ prolapse, constipation, low back/pelvic girdle/tailbone pain, internal pelvic pain (including vaginisimus, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, and pain during intercourse), and musculoskeletal pains/injuries.

Fee Subsidy for Child Care

Program Information

A fee subsidy is financial assistance available to eligible residents of the City and County of Peterborough, to assist with the cost of licensed childcare for children 0 – 12 years of age. If eligible your childcare fees may be fully or partially covered through the fee subsidy program.

Telecare Distress Centre of Peterborough


Telecare is a free, anonymous, confidential 24-hr. call line for people in need of a friendly person who will listen. We listen without judging, when others may not. We also provide community information and other sources of support. Call us when you need to talk.​